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Ladies Night Out & Date Nights

Grab your friends (and some wine!) and come bake with me!

6 person minimum 10 person maximum 

The Sweet Life: in this class, you will choose one type of cookie from the list below and we will make that same recipe with different          sweeteners to see what the tastiest healthy alternative is!

.Chocolate Chip     .Red Velvet     .Sugar     .Honey Pistachio     .Smores     .Triple Chocolate     .Funfetti     .Strawberry Lemonade 

This class runs for just under 2 hours and is $35 per person 

Flour Power (GF): are you gluten free or wanting to avoid gluten for a healthier life style? Come check out this awesome class where we will bake cupcakes with all different gluten free alternatives.

This class runs for about an hour and a half and is $35 per person

Baking with Herbs: this is my all time favorite class! Teas and herbs have SOOOO many health benefits and I love to incorporate them in my every day life and of course, my baking! In this class, you will learn the many health benefits of various herbs and how to make an infusion. Afterwards, you and your friends will get to use that infusion to make homemade chocolate truffle bon bons!

This class is about 2 hours and is $40 per person

Ladies Tea Time: This is not a class but an amazing and delicious get together with friends! This afternoon tea time will offer an array of organic and exotic teas to sip on as you sample over a dozen bite sized treats from the dessert buffet table! 

This event is open for one and a half hours and is $35 per person 

Couples Bake Off:  

Option 1: Couples against couples

Couples come to class with their OWN recipe and will compete against each other to see whose dessert takes the cake! There will be taste testing and an anonymous vote. The winning couple will receive a $20 gift certificate to Ashley's Organics.


Choose from a cookie bake off, cupcake bake off, or pie bake off. This class runs 2 hours and is $100 PER COUPLE

Option 2: Men vs. Women

In this class, couples will divide to conquer! This is a 2 round cupcake competition. The first round is about taste and texture. Which team will follow the recipe the most accurately. Round 2 is about looks. A secret theme will be given and with only 5 minutes to plan, whose design will come out on top? Each person from the winning team will receive a sample pack of my custom immune boosting tea blend.

This is a 2 hour class and is $100 PER COUPLE

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