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Hi there! I'm so glad you want to learn more about me and how I got here. 

In case you couldn't tell by my photos, my daughter is my world. 

I had always dreamed about being a mother but, nothing prepared me for the insane amount of love that overwhelmed me the second my baby was placed in my arms. This feeling solidified the holistic path I was on. I knew now more than ever, I needed to keep up with my healthy lifestyle. There was only one problem, I LOVE sweets. I didn't, and still don't, go one night without eating dessert. With that being said, I was determined to still enjoy all the sweets I wanted but, without the refined sugar, gluten, artificial flavors and preservatives in most desserts. I took the knowledge I had gained from  Johnson & Wales University, along with the 5 years I worked at a bakery in Freehold, NJ, and I began testing out healthy versions of my favorite recipes. After hearing my friends and family say "Oh my God, these are amazing, you need to sell them!" about a million times, I decided to offer just a few healthy items like my avocado brownies and my vegan fruit crumble bars. From there, my business took off and I began getting more and more requests for new items and specialty cakes for individuals with dietary restrictions.

For me, this business is a way to share the same healthy & quality products with my customers, as I do with my own family. I refuse to cut corners just to get more business and it is because of this, that I only take on a few orders a week. I hope after reading this, you see how truly passionate I am about my work and that when you taste my products, you can taste the love that I put into everything I make. 

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